Monday, January 15, 2007

Spelling and Martin Luther King

My kids may know more about Dr. King than I do, thanks to books, school assemblies and studying that part of history, which we didn't when I was in elementary school. Today, we read several picture books on Dr. King and "boycott" was on my daughter's spelling test last week. Proud to say she got it right, but more proud that she understands what it means in connection with Martin Luther King.

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Liz said...

It is amazing that there are so many books now for children about MLK, Rosa Parks and so many others. That's great that your daughter's spelling test included 'boycott'
When MLK Day was first made a holiday there were many shows and tributes to him -- now it's hard to find them -- Did you watch the PBS Show - American Experience the other day?
Or the movie abt Dr King - Paul Winfield played him.