Monday, February 26, 2007

Curtis Sittenfeld

When I began reading PREP by Curtis Sittenfeld, the main character really put me off and I almost closed the book. Glad I didn't. Strange, compelling book. It's one I've owned for awhile and finally read. At the end of my paperback version is a Q&A between Sittenfeld and Katie Bacon from The Atlantic Monthly. I hope you'll appreciate this quote from Sittenfeld as much as I do: "I don't think you can learn to write a book except by writing a book. And then of course it's going to be imperfect."


Liz said...

That is so true - reading a writing 'craft' book helps with some of the structure. Reading in the genre you're writing helps because it fills you with words and the rhythm. I've discovered that actually -writing- the novel has taught me so much more. [ especially during the editing/revising stage ]

But isn't that true with almost everything, we learn more by doing?

Alison Ashley Formento said...

Uh yes, true with almost everything—except my tennis game. Seems the more I play, the worse my game. :)