Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Michael Moore is passionate about your health, and abhors the fact that insured people die everyday in this country due to insurance companies denying needed care. I was lucky enough to interview this fascinating filmmaker yesterday. See this film.


LisaM said...

WOW! What magazine did you interview him for? Looking forward to reading it!

Lisa M.

ann malaspina said...

Looking forward to reading your review - and seeing the movie. Having just seen my son through an appendectomy, I feel so fortunate to have good medical insurance and wonder how people can manage without it.

Alison Ashley Formento said...

It's not a review, but a personal profile piece. That said, I loved the movie. It's more about those with insurance, who still have to fight to get approved coverage. Sadly, many treatments are denied—thus the high death rate in America for insured people.

I'm glad to know your son's coverage was accepted and hope he's feeling better—I know the pain of an appendicitis myself.

Anonymous said...

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