Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three Songs

National Public Radio is probably the only place where you'll hear the following, one after the other:

Frank Sinatra singing, "The Best is Yet to Come"
Joe Jackson blasting out "Hot Time, Summer in the City"
The gorgeous opening song (half Italian/half English) from Tony Award musical, A LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA


Susan Sandmore said...

I'd like to think I can compete with that with my very ecclectic iTunes on shuffle-mode!

I wasn't sure which blog of yours to visit, so I've hit this one and the clips one. WOW! You sure get some great interviews! I'm definitely going to look for your article in The Writer, too.

ann malaspina said...

Wish I could have heard those tunes! Since I'm not in the car as much in the summer, I don't listen to NPR and do miss it.

Sara Hantz said...

Hey.... I love those songs!!!