Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bee Book Buzz: THE MONSTER WHO LOST HIS MEAN by Tiffany Strelitz Haber

 Buzzing about an "Onster" today! 
Everyone knows that the M in “monster” stands for MEAN. But what happens when a monster can’t be mean any more? Is he still a monster at all? 

There's one way to find out with this special "Onster" in Tiffany Strelitz Haber's debut picture book, THE MONSTER WHO LOST HIS MEANillustrated by Kirstie Edmonds (Holt/Macmillan), out this July.

Here's Tiffany holding her very cute, un-mean monster.

Enjoy the buzz on Tiffany and her new picture book, 

If you were a bee, would you be a) the queen (She lays around 1500 eggs a day for two to three years), b) a drone (impregnates queen and dies), c) or a worker
(Works non-stop building hive, pollinating, gathering nectar, making honey, feeding baby bees. Lives about 6 weeks and dies)? 
Oh my. I'm not a big fan of those life spans! Nor am I keen on becoming the egg-laying extravaganza. I'll go with worker.  Sound like a good combo of chaos and productivity, without the torture of monotony. Go workers!

Same question for your main character, Onster? Queen, drone, or worker?I'm gonna say The Onster would go for the same. He's clearly domestic: "Sweeping, heaping, light house-keeping, organizing drawers."

Have you ever competed in a spelling bee? If so, what was your winning or losing word?
I was obsessed with spelling bees growing up! I will never ever forget that after correctly spelling probably 70 of the trickiest words you can imagine, in a row, to finally earn a spot in the big "school wide" bee...I choked on my first turn with NINETY. I went for NINTY. Game over.

Bees pollinate most of the vegetables and fruits that we love to eat. Did you eat your vegetables when you were a kid? 
I know I loved spinach.

What's your favorite fruit or vegetable? 
Going with artichokes.

What's Onster's favorite fruit or vegetable? 

He grew up on eyeball soup, so I think his exposure to fruits and veggies has been limited up until now

Bees pollinate plants and flowers, too. What's your favorite flower? 
I don't know. I'm awful with flower names  :-(  I always wished I knew more about that kind of stuff. Maybe one day....

Are flowers mentioned in your latest book? 

They sure are! And they are also the focus of the most amazing illustration by KIRSTIE EDMUNDS about half way through the story.

Books and bees make life sweeter every day. If you had to choose: Honey or sugar?   
Oh honey, there’s no contest. (honey)

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